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00 $ 30. Will fit 150 or 200 TIG rig.

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Outlaw Leather TX. Nexen Technologies Corp. The WeldTec line of TIG torches, consumables, and accessories are sold by welding and industrial supply distributors everywhere.


. class=" fc-falcon">TIG Torch Handle (1) Sale Price $18. .

00 Original Price $30. The UltraTIG series torches are a combination of the best innovations created by CK since 1967 to deliver the ultimate TIG welding experience.



Please. Steel Handle for Custom Leather Embossing Stamp | Leather Stamp Handle | Leather Hand.

The ABICOR BINZEL TIG welding torch with a three-digit type designation such as for example ABITIG ® GRIP 260 differ well thought-out in the technology and design of the torch neck and the wear parts. 00 Original Price $30.

8 out of 5 stars 186 $22.
fc-falcon">Custom Laser etched leather handle for your TIG torch.
Wood Handles.

Fitment Chart: WP-17 (150 Amp) handle will fit Weldtec and Profax heads.


5' ) Paddle lever switch with 12. 00 Original Price $30. .

Stitched with center cut round leather cord. . Will fit 150 or 200 TIG rig. The handles offer a better grip for your torch/stinger and help prevent contact with heat so you can weld longer. Ignite your passion for welding.

Choose from our selection of TIG torch handles in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Fitment Chart: WP-17 (150 Amp) handle will fit Weldtec and Profax heads. 00 Original Price $30.

000 34 $25.


4 Feet MIG/Plasma Cable Sleeves Tig Cover, Prevent Overheating Protect Trigger Mechanism, Black 4.

Will fit 150 or 200 TIG rig.

With a removable or adjustable pistol-grip style handle the Steady-Grip™ gives the operator smooth, accurate, and ergonomic control over the TIG welding process.