Děkuji is a verb, and the dictionary form is děkovat which in English will be translated as “to thank.

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When it comes to greeting people, it means: Formal: „Dobrý den. ”) Učím se česky od minulého roku.

The more informalthanks” is “ dzięki.

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If you are writing to the local council to complain about noise pollution, the “ty” pronoun would be inappropriate. An Informal Phone Conversation in Czech. The word velmi means very and is is used rather formally (compared to moc).


Spoken by over 10 million people as a first language and at least 6 million who use it as a second language (mainly in Slovakia), Czech is one of two official and defacto languages of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thank you” on the other hand is a verbal. class=" fc-falcon">Czech phrasebook.

. To say thank you in Czech, use the verb děkovat.


Thank you – Ďakujem (ti ja-qwee-em-chi) This is another informal version of thank you, although it isn’t as widely a used word as simply saying Ďakujem.

It's appreciated and means a lot. It is often used in writing such as at the end of an email.

Nov 27, 2020 · Answers: Učím se česky rok. au is more informal than Ahoj.

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How do you say thank you in Czech? How do you say cheers in Czechoslovakian? Na Zdravi (pronounced: naz -drah-vee) Before you start enjoying the beer, it is essential to applaud everyone at the table as.

Thank you for your service.


Feb 7, 2021 · 49+ Easy Czech Language Phrases. 5. ”) Učím se česky od minulého roku.

. Děkuju. The word děkuji literally means (I) hank. Czech is a synthetic language, like Russian and Icelandic, which means that unlike English and other analytical. If we speak with a doctor or boss, we use formal Czech, if we speak with a friend or family member (or with child), we use informal Czech.

It's what your parents always remind you to say.

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While it is not considered a formal expression, it is a polite way of saying ‘thank you’.

The dictionary form of the verb is děkovat.


thank you from the bottom of my heart.